What Does the Ocean Do For the Planet?

Life as we know it on Earth depends on oceans.  The incredibly vast size of our oceans means that they affect people all around the world.  Oceans take up more than two thirds of the total world.  Besides providing enjoyment to millions of people yearly, oceans also provide us with the air we breathe, the food we eat, and even the water we drink.

Oceans absorb more than 50 times more carbon than the atmosphere.  In total they absorb between 30-50% of the total carbon dioxide produced from burning fossil fuels.  In addition they produce 70-80% of all the air we breathe.  It is safe to say that with out this critical carbon dioxide collection process that the oceans take on we would literally all suffocate.  The key to the carbon absorption cycle are the plankton in the ocean.  They absorb carbon dioxide using photosynthesis and provide food for the entire aquatic environment.  These bodies of water also recycle important elements such as Nitrogen, Carbon and H2O.

Our oceans also provide $21 trillion in food and other benefits yearly.  Millions of people rely on fishing for jobs as well as food.  Tourists flock to oceans for their beauty and take cruises to enjoy good weather in a calm environment.  As you can see the ocean  has an entire economy of its’ own.  It is estimated that the ocean provides more than 25% of the protein used to feed the entire world population.

And finally, the ocean moderates temperatures.  In total it has absorbed 80% of the heat caused by climate change.  Temperatures are held constant for thousands of cities that border oceans.

With out these natural wonders, our planet would fall victim to all sorts of problems and would not be able to support life as we know it today.

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